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Be sure to keep up to date:  visit http://www.curling.ca/2017roaroftherings/

There are still a few openings for volunteers for the 50/50 sales (parking pass provided and no volunteer fee required).  Contact Elaine Brimcombe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Already a Roar Volunteer?  Don't forget to mark your calendars - Nov 1 and 2 from 3pm-7pm are the dates to pick up your Volunteer Rewards Kit.  Volunteer newsletters can be found at: http://www.curling.ca/2017roaroftherings/volunteers/

Rock Our House:  Be sure to use promo code GRANITE when purchasing ticket packages (program ends Oct 31).  Our club can win tickets and other prizes with our purchases - please note that individual ticket sales do not qualify. 

Future Stars Update:

I am happy to announce that we have 10 Granite youth that will be featured at some of the round robin games. These kids have earned the opportunity to be honorary team members. Each youth had to submit an entry (of any media type) with the theme “Curling: My Team, My Coach and Me”. All of the entries were judged and 72 kids from across the OVCA member clubs were chosen as stars. They will be introduced with their team at the game opening ceremony and will have an opportunity to get autographs and pictures with the team and much more. Their parents/guardians will also be receiving a pair of tickets for the game.

Check out their winning entries (click each name): Leo KeenanCayla Findley, Lindsay Thorne, Makayla McMullin, Adriana Cule, Ella Dunn, Marley Magnusson, Vincent Proulx, Gabriel Thorne and Max Magnusson.

Be sure to cheer on our Future Stars at the following draws:

Leo, Max, Vincent and Gabriel will be featured with Team Carruthers on December 3 at 7pm

Makayla and Lindsay will be featured with Team McEwen on December 6 at 9am

Adriana, Cayla, Ella and Marley will be featured with Team Koe on December 8 at 7pm

Andrea Weedmark
Director of Game Day Activities
2017 Tim Hortons Roar of the Rings

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