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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prove that I am fully vaccinated?
Members can email their proof of vaccination to Denise (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or show Denise a copy of the original in person on your first visit back to the club. If emailing, this
must be done before returning to the club.

Are we allowed to practice on free ice?
Practice ice will be available by booking via the website.

Am I required to wear a mask in the ice shed?
No. Members may remove their masks once they have entered the ice shed. Masks must be replaced before re-entering the pre-game zone of the club.

Now that we are all fully vaccinated, are we required to wear masks in the club?
Yes. Masks must be worn in all areas of the club except for the ice shed or when seated and eating or drinking.

Are the adjusted game rules still in place?
Yes. Please refer to the updated return to curl protocols document for the adjusted game play rules, which can be found in the COVID 19 Links & Information page.

Can I use my locker this season?
No. Lockers are unavailable to use at this time.

If I have paid this season’s registration fees, but decide not to curl, can I leave those fees with the club in order to pay for next season’s fees?
No, this is not possible. If you choose not to curl this season, leaving your paid registration fees with the club can only be used as a donation.

Although Curling Canada doesn’t impose the wearing of a mask while playing, am I allowed to wear one?
It is for every member to decide whether or not they choose to wear a mask while playing. However, it is important to note that the Granite doesn’t have an HVAC system that would mechanically exchange air and create air flow in either the ice shed or the main building. If you choose to wear masks while curling, you may find during physical exertion that the masks become damp, which may render the masks less effective. Advice from the Government of Canada website states that “Non-medical face masks or face coverings should be changed as soon as possible if damp or dirty.” For this reason it is recommended that you bring several masks with you.

Will I retain eligibility as a member to vote if I don’t renew this year’s fees?
Only those members who have renewed their memberships for the 2021-22 season will be considered members for the purpose of voting in the 2021 Annual General Meeting and the 2022 Semi-Annual Meeting.

What is the deadline for requesting a full refund of the registration fees already paid for the 2021-2022 season?
The deadline for requesting a full refund is 01 November 2021.

Can our team still play as four by switching out sweepers after each throw?
Yes. The new game format allows a team to still play as four, but also works well for three.

The Return to Curl guidelines Game Play Section 5b states that there is “no switching sweepers during a play”. Does “play” mean the entire game or an end?
The term “play” refers to a rock being thrown. There is to be no switching of sweepers during a throw. Sweepers can switch out between throws when taking their places for their next throw.

What are the plans if someone reports that they have contracted Covid?
The club will be closed for cleaning for three days, but will then re-open to resume regular operations. All members who have been present at the club at the same time as the member who has tested positive for Covid will be informed so that they may get themselves tested. Information from Ottawa Public Health states that members “who have had close contact (spent extensive time within a 2 metre radius) with the person who has tested positive may need to take additional precautions and will be contacted by Ottawa Public Health.”

Is a face shield an acceptable replacement for a mask?
No. If a face shield is used in the bar or viewing area of the club, a face mask must also be used at the same time. In addition, masks with exhalation valves are also not permitted to be used in place of a face mask.

What provision will be made for members who are unable or unwilling to install the Contact Tracing app on their phone?
There will be an iPad in the pre-game zone of the club for members to scan their arrival. For members who are not able to use a phone to scan their QR code, a laminated card can be provided. Alternatively, there will always be a sign in sheet at each entrance.

If the club is required to close due to a COVID outbreak, will we receive a refund for the time that we’re not able to play?
If you should choose to request a refund, this must be done no later than 01 November 2021.

What happens if the game is still in progress as the end of the allotted game time approaches?
The game must stop to allow players time to tidy away the rocks, as normal, and exit the ice before the 90 minute game time elapses.

How long are the games? Is the 15 minute rule still in place?
All games must be concluded 90 minutes after their scheduled start time – for example, a 5pm draw must finish and leave the ice by 6:30pm. 
The 15 minute rule is still in place. You must start the final end no later than 75 minutes after the scheduled start time. In the previous example, an end may not begin after 6:15pm.

Are non-members allowed to spectate?
No. Only members who have proved to be fully vaccinated are allowed in the club at this time.

If there are games taking place on only three sheets, can I practice on the fourth without having booked?
No. Practice ice is only available by booking via the Granite website.

When can the skip take control of the house?
Once the opposing skip has relinquished control of the house

Can skips sweep in the house?
No. The sweeper from the team currently in control of the house is the only player who can sweep during the game

Can we play with two people sweeping at the same time if both sweepers wear masks?
No. Only one person must be sweeping at one time. All players on the ice must maintain physical distancing.

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Club Information

Founded in 1953, the Granite Curling Club of West Ottawa was formed to be the first club in the area to curl exclusively with granite rocks. 

We have grown from modest beginnings with 176 members to a club that serves over 650 members and operates 7 days a week.  We offer a wide variety of adult leagues as well as "learn to curl" programs for adults and kids.

We embrace all levels of curling from beginners to competitive and we hope to see you on the ice soon.