Rookies Rock

    This is the place to learn how to curl and have a lot of fun!

    Rookies Rock is a "league" for adults (16 years and older) with little, or no, curling experience. The goal is to teach the game to newcomers and have some fun. One of our 2 programs, Sunday Evening Rookies or the Friday Afternoon Rookies Rock program, might suit you schedule. See below for information about both programs.


    Rookies Rock - Evenings

    The program runs from October to April on Sunday evenings starting in the lounge at 6:30 PM, on ice from 7-9. Curlers are encourage to stay for a while after playing to enjoy the other social aspects of the sport.

    From Oct to Dec the program's format is split between training and drills, and short games. As the program progresses the games get longer and the drills are shorter. From Jan-April the format is entirely games and becomes somewhat of a recreational league format. Participants are given the option to form fixed teams or be assigned to random teams each week.

    This is a great way to learn the game! In fact, over 500 new curlers have started their curling careers through the first 10 years of Granite's program. This is a hugely successful program!

    New "Rookies" are accepted indivdually or with friends. It is not necessary to have an entire team already formed to join this group.

    The cost is minimal and a prorated league-fee structure will be applied by the manager for those starting out in a Rookies Rock Program who join other daytime or evening leagues throughout the season.

    Generally, those interested in the Rookies Rock program sign up at our Registration Night on September. It is a great way to get acquainted with the club before the start of the season. There usually isn't any worry of not getting in to the program, but if you are concerned, you can register and pay your fees at the office during the spring or summer.


    Rookies Rock - Daytime

    Curlers warm up before each session. Instructors review lessons learned. Stick curling instruction provided.

    Sessions at the beginning of the season cover instruction, rules, equipment and drills.

    The shoes used must be clean and dedicated to curling. Dirty shoes will not be allowed on the ice. Safety is a huge concern and anyone not possessing the right equipment will not be allowed on the ice until the situation is remedied.

    Sessions after Christmas involve mini games, strategy, testing and video taping.


    1. To introduce the sport of curling to daytime curlers
    2. To deliver a curling instructional program adapted to daytime curlers
    3. A videotaping session at the end of the season
    4. Skill testing based onOCAAwards Program at Blue Level
    5. To increase the comfort and skill level of the curlers as they join the daytime leagues
    6. Encourage curlers to purchase their own broom, shoes and grippers

    At the end of the season curlers will be familiar with the following:

    1. Pre-shot routine
    2. Position in the hack, line of delivery
    3. Balanced delivery ( non stick only)
    4. Release, point
    5. Turns
    6. Rotations,
    7. Take outs,
    8. Sweeping both sides of the rock
    9. Draws
    10. Beginner strategy,
    11. Role of the lead,
    12. Game courtesies,
    13. General rules and how to read a score board

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    Club Information

    Founded in 1953, the Granite Curling Club of West Ottawa was formed to be the first club in the area to curl exclusively with granite rocks. 

    We have grown from modest beginnings with 176 members to a club that serves over 650 members and operates 7 days a week.  We offer a wide variety of adult leagues as well as "learn to curl" programs for adults and kids.

    We embrace all levels of curling from beginners to competitive and we hope to see you on the ice soon.