Evening Ladies Draw

The Draw League is on Wednesday evenings from 7pm - 9pm. This is a less competitive night of curling and a great way to start curling at the Granite.   Teams are created from registered individuals. New teams are drawn 3 times per season.

Evening Ladies Fixed

The Fixed League runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5pm - 7pm. We have 16 teams in two divisions. The A-division runs on Thursdays at 5pm and the B-division runs on Tuesdays at 5pm. Teams in this division have a fixed roster throughout the season. At the end of each round, teams are reordered based on the points earned throughout the round. The top two teams in B-division move up to A-division and the bottom two teams in A-division move down to B-division. Contact our president for more information at [email protected].

Evening Men's Draw

The draw runs 8 teams chosen from 32 individuals. This event is run on Wednesday nights starting at 9 PM. A more social event, this is a great place to curl at the Granite. There are 3 rounds during the season with a 4 team playoff at the end of each round. Teams are drafted by the skips of the round assuring that you get to play with many different people. The top 2 thirds are promoted to being skips and the bottom 2 skips return to the draft pool for the following round. An end of year banquet is held in conjunction with the Men's Fixed when prizes are handed out to the teams playing in the finals of each round.

Evening Men's Fixed

The fixed runs 32 teams in four divisions. The A & B divisions play on Tuesday night and the C & D divisions are on Thursday. Teams have a fixed roster throughout the season.  Teams are reordered twice a year allowing improving teams to move up the ranks. Top 2 teams advance and bottom 2 teams are relegated. A four team playoff is held at the end of the 3rd round with a banquet held immediately after the finals.

Monday Open Fixed

The Monday Open Fixed league is semi-competitive league open to any combination of adult (over 16) curlers of any gender that form a team.

The league is made up of three divisions (Green, Gold and Granite) of eight teams. At the end of each round robin, the two lowest ranking teams in divisions Green and Gold drop down respectively to Gold and Granite divisions. The two highest ranking teams in divisions Gold and Granite move up respectively to Green and Gold divisions.

Eight end or time limit games are played at 5pm, 7pm or 9pm on Monday nights. (Game times change each week as the three divisions rotate through each time slot.).

Trophies are awarded to the Champions of each division at the year-end Monday Night Open Fixed Banquet. Divisional Champion and runner-up are determined by a single knockout two round playoff with the top 4 teams in each division. 

Trophies and prizes are covered by the league through each team providing $40 to go towards trophy maintenance and prizes for the champions and runners-up.

For more information please contact the Director, Monday Open Fixed.

Sunday Open Fixed

The Sunday Open is a friendly recreational league with a mix of novice and more experienced teams. The league ladder has two divisions (“A” and “B”), with the bottom two “A” teams moving to “B” and the top two “B” teams moving to “A” between each round. Games are typically played at either 3:00 pm or 5:00 pm on Sundays.

Fixed teams may be made up of all males, all females, or any combination of the two playing in any position.

This league is currently full. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to be placed on the waiting list.

Wednesday Open Fixed

*** 2017-18 WEDNESDAY OPEN STARTS OCTOBER 11, 2017 ***


We have a couple of openings for teams in the Wednesday Open. 

If you're interested or you want information about the league, please contact [email protected]

The league was set up with an open fixed format. Each team may contain any combination of men and women. Each team is established at the beginning of the year and remains consistent through the entire season. Team members may change positions from one game to the next if they like.

This league was new for the 2011-12 season. It was started as the response to existing club members requesting more options to play in the evening. Another key goal for this leagues was to provide more league options to recent "graduates" of our Rookies Rock programs.

Weekend Mixed

The Weekend Mixed is a league open to men and women where each team is comprised of two men and two women. Games are played Friday and Saturday evenings - rotating between Friday and Saturday. The standard time slots for the Weekend Mixed are Friday 7:00pm, Friday 9:00pm and Saturday 6:00pm. Games rotate between the three time slots. Members do know their schedule a full round in advance - so they can make weekend plans. 

The league is currently made up of three divisions - A, B and C. The C division is suitable for beginners and provides a fairly relaxed, social environment; while the A division is more competitive.

Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions. 

  • Weekend Mixed currently has openings for several teams. If you are interested in learning more about the Weekend Mixed and/or in joining the Weekend Mixed, please send an e-mail to the above address.  No team?  No problem.  We can help pair you up with other curlers looking for a team.

Rookies Rock - Evening

Test for Evening Rookies Rocks

Rookies Rock - Daytime

Little Rocks

Bantam / Junior

Day Ladies - Bocock Women's Fixed Challenge

Day Ladies Draw Event Information

Fixed Events:

  • Bocock Family's Women’s Fixed Challenge- open to all members - Friday 9:00 am and 1:30 pm 

    The Bocock Women’s Fixed Challenge has a separate Fall and Winter event, with Playoff and Championship games held for both events.

  • The Women's Wednesday Fixed - open to all members - Wednesdays from November until April - The Women`s Wednesday Fixed inaugural pilot event. A maximum of 10 teams is accepted in the competition. Playoffs and a championship game are played at the end of the event. 

Day Ladies - Draw Events

Schedule & description of 2018-2019 In-House Events, the sequence of which will be determined by the Day Ladies Rink Committee.

  • Fall Open - Drawn rink for all ladies - Monday and Wednesday 1:30 pm - Tuesday & Thursdays 9:00
  • Leads and Seconds - Drawn Rink - leads and seconds - Wednesday 9:00 or 1:30 pm until the end of February
  • Millennium challenge - Drawn Rink for all Day Ladies - November to February -Thursdays 9:00 am 
  • Pat Ward Rose Bowl - Drawn rink for all Day Ladies - Beginning in November – played Monday afternoon at 1:30 and runs until March
  • Scotch Doubles - two to a team playing eight ends - Senior (skips and thirds) and Junior (leads and seconds) division - Played on Tuesday mornings from November until the end of February
  • Spring Flight - Drawn Rink for all Day Ladies - Usually runs in March and April - Tuesday & Thursdays 9:00 am or Monday & Wednesdays 1:30 pm Winner of Tues-Thurs session plays against Mon-Wed session winner in a final game
  • New members and members of long standing may sign up for as many in-house events as they wish throughout the year. Registration and membership does not place a Day Ladies member in a particular draw. Members, new and old, must sign individually for each draw as they are progressively posted throughout the year. Sign-up sheets are posted (with dates of each event and closing dates included) on the Bulletin Board in the Day Ladies locker room well in advance of events. Reminders about sign-up sheets are also circulated in Day Ladies E-bulletins and in the schedule below on this web page. Please do not sign up for a draw when you know that you will miss more than two games. Please sign as a spare instead as spares are always needed. If you need a bye on a specific date, write down the date and place it in a designated envelope that is posted on the bulletin board.

Weekly Curling Times for Granite Day Ladies Members (Curling is available every week day)

  • Monday/Wednesday Afternoon Draw (1:30 PM) OR Tuesday/Thursday Morning Draw (9:00 AM)
  • Wednesday Morning Draw (9:00 AM)
  • Tuesday Afternoon Fixed Mixed (1:30 PM)
  • Thursday Afternoon Mixed Draw (1:30 PM)
  • Friday Fixed Teams - 9:00 AM and 1:30 PM

Day Men - Fixed (Wednesday)

Wednesdays at 11:15 AM

Fixed rink curling - contact Dave Hunter or [email protected] for further information.  


Day Men - Fixed (Friday)

Day Men - Fixed (Friday)

Curling Fridays 11:15, with 3 draws per year.

Fixed rink curling - contact Bob Brien or the [email protected] for more details.

Day Men - Draw Rotarian Mon.

The Day Men's division runs multiple draw events each year.  The  leagues play on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week.

The Rotarians play on Monday mornings at 11:15 AM

Teams are drawn three times a year.  Members rotate through all positions for 2 ends each.  Teams play for the "Rotarian Trophy". 

Contact [email protected] for further information.

Day Men - Draw Tuesdays

Day Men - Draw Tuesdays

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:15 AM

Teams are formed three times a year to compete in the Cliff Reddick, Lew Little, and Bill Keay draws.  The Bill Keay draw is traditionally a double team event. 

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Day Men - Draw Thursdays

Day Men - Draw Thursdays

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:15 AM

Teams are formed three times a year to compete in the Cliff Reddick, Lew Little, and Bill Keay draws.  The Bill Keay draw is traditionally a double team event. 

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Day Fixed Mixed

Day Fixed Mixed section is a fixed team format mixed league that plays on Tuesdays at 1:30 PM. For further information, contact the Club's office.

Round one ended on Dec. 5.  On Dec 12, there was be a fun game - 4 ends, crazy scoring + Christmas Party - everyone contributed to the cost og "Happy Hour" Snacks.

Dec 19 was available, but nothing scheduled

Round 2 started Jan. 9, and the games have been posted on-line. Here is a tabular schedule for Round 2.


Round 3 may start on Feb 27 - but to be determined, once we know the number of teams that will be playing.  Feb 27 could also be another Special "Social" game.

April 10 is our last available date - end of season "Party Happy Hour"

Day Mixed Draw

Day Mixed Draw section is a fun league (no scores are recorded) that plays on Thursdays at 1:30 PM. For further information, contact the convenors, Fran Olson at (613) 729 5938 or Isabel Fox (613) 828 7374, or the Club's Manager, Denise Hoekstra (613) 722 1843.

Day Men - Monday Fixed

Day Men - Monday Fixed plays each Monday at 11:15 AM

Day Ladies - Women's Wednesday Fixed

Day Ladies - Women's Wednesday Fixed - open to all members - Wednesdays from November until April

Mixed Doubles Ladder

New this season! The Mixed Doubles Ladder league is a trial league at the Ottawa Granite Curling Club to determine the level of interest while allowing members to experience the sprot within the club. The ladder-style structure of the league allows flexibility in the number of teams, number of time slots and a variety of time slots to cater to all members of the club. Members sign up as a team, teams are then organized in a hierarchy and a schedule of set-aside ice times is provided. Teams are responsible for challenging teams above them in the ladder and scheduling a game, either in the alloted times, or any time the ice is otherwise available. Laddering, scheduling, and score keeping will all be done online through the service www.wotscore.com. There is still room for more teams.
If you have any questions regarding Mixed Doubles or how the league opperates, please contact Brigette at [email protected]

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