Evening Ladies Draw

The Draw League is on Wednesday evenings from 7pm - 9pm. This is a less competitive night of curling and a great way to start curling at the Granite.   Teams are created from registered individuals. New teams are drawn 3 times per season.

Evening Ladies Fixed

The Fixed League runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5pm - 7pm. We have 16 teams in two divisions. The A-division runs on Thursdays at 5pm and the B-division runs on Tuesdays at 5pm. Teams in this division have a fixed roster throughout the season. At the end of each round, teams are reordered based on the points earned throughout the round. The top two teams in B-division move up to A-division and the bottom two teams in A-division move down to B-division. Contact our president for more information at [email protected].

Evening Men's Draw

The draw runs 8 teams chosen from 32 individuals. This event is run on Wednesday nights starting at 9 PM. A more social event, this is a great place to curl at the Granite. There are 3 rounds during the season with a 4 team playoff at the end of each round. Teams are drafted by the skips of the round assuring that you get to play with many different people. The top 2 thirds are promoted to being skips and the bottom 2 skips return to the draft pool for the following round. An end of year banquet is held in conjunction with the Men's Fixed when prizes are handed out to the teams playing in the finals of each round.

Evening Men's Fixed

The fixed runs 32 teams in four divisions. The A & B divisions play on Tuesday night and the C & D divisions are on Thursday. Teams have a fixed roster throughout the season.  Teams are reordered twice a year allowing improving teams to move up the ranks. Top 2 teams advance and bottom 2 teams are relegated. A four team playoff is held at the end of the 3rd round with a banquet held immediately after the finals.

Monday Open Fixed

Welcome to the Monday Open Fixed!

The league is composed of 24 teams, each of which are comprised of four fixed players of any gender
that play together throughout the season. In addition, each team can identify additional players to serve
as regular replacements during the year.

The league ladder has three divisions: section A ‘Green’, section B ‘Gold’ and section C ‘Granite’. At the
end of each round, the top two teams get promoted to a higher division (i.e. C teams to B, B teams to A),
while the bottom two teams get demoted to a lower division (i.e. A teams to B, B teams to C).

During the season, each team will play 21 regular games as part of three rounds comprising sevengames each. Games are played on Mondays at 5:00, 7:00 and 9:00 on a rotation basis. For the first game of the season, A teams play at 7:00, B teams at 5:00, and C teams at 9:00.

The ‘Sparing Rules for the Granite Curling Club’ apply – see details on the club’s web site under the tabs
‘Club’ and ‘Sparing Policy’.

Playoffs games are played at the end of the season in each division. For the semi-finals, the top-ranking
team plays the fourth-ranking team, while the second-ranking team plays the third-ranking team. The
winners of the semi-finals face off in the finals. Unless both skips agreed differently beforehand, the
following rules apply during playoff games:

  • the higher-ranked team automatically gets to choose hammer and colour;
  • games are to eight ends;
  • a team cannot have more than two spares; the first spare must play at the lead position, while the second spare must play at the second position;
  • if a game is tied after eight ends, teams must play one more end (bring the rocks down).

Dues of $60 are levied from each team to pay for trophies and prizes for the teams playing in the finals. An end of season banquet is held on the evening of the finals.

For information on the Monday Open league, please contact the league representative at [email protected].

Sunday Open Fixed

The Sunday Open is a friendly recreational league with a mix of novice and more experienced teams. The league ladder has two divisions (“A” and “B”), with the bottom two “A” teams moving to “B” and the top two “B” teams moving to “A” between each round. Games are typically played at either 3:00 pm or 5:00 pm on Sundays.

Fixed teams may be made up of all males, all females, or any combination of the two playing in any position.

This league is currently full. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to be placed on the waiting list.

Wednesday Open Fixed


We are short 2 players in the Wednesday Open. 

If you're interested or you want information about the league, please contact [email protected]

The league was set up with an open fixed format. Each team may contain any combination of men and women. Each team is established at the beginning of the year and remains consistent throughout the entire season. Team members may change positions from one game to the next if they like.


Weekend Mixed

The Weekend Mixed is a league open to men and women where each team is comprised of two men and two women. Games are played Friday and Saturday evenings - rotating between Friday and Saturday. The standard time slots for the Weekend Mixed are Friday 7:00pm, Friday 9:00pm and Saturday 6:00pm. Games rotate between the three time slots. Members do know their schedule a full round in advance - so they can make weekend plans. 

The league is currently made up of three divisions - A, B and C. The C division is suitable for beginners and provides a fairly relaxed, social environment; while the A division is more competitive.

Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions. 

Rookies Rock - Evening

Test for Evening Rookies Rocks

Rookies Rock - Daytime

Rookie Rocks Info


The club website (OttawaGranite.com) has a link to Events - club calendar which has dates and times for all events booked at the Granite.  The first Monday morning  of each month is reserved for ice maintenance so our ice is cancelled on those dates. However, all other Mondays are available (unless the club is closed for a holiday).


Our dates are:

Oct 21, 28, Nov 11,18, 25,  Dec 9,16, Jan 6, 13, 20, 27,  Feb 10, 24, March 9, 16, 23, 30, April 6

We are a small group, so please text me if you are unable to come.  Please check the website for changes to the calendar.  Try to arrive in plenty of time to warm up properly.  We will try to be on the ice promptly at 9 am.

At the end of each session (or game), we gather for social time - Mike (our daytime bartender) prepares food for lunch - and there are lots of choices for beverages.  There is a coffee dispenser near the kitchen and a kettle in the kitchen for the use of members.  Sugar and creamers will be available on the bar adjacent to the coffee machine.  I have to play a game shortly after we’re done, so I’m hoping you will stick around and get to know each other!


Our sessions are sequenced based on the Canadian Curling Association training program with a focus on the 7 steps.  However, we will try to respond individually to your needs. So - please offer your feedback and questions on a regular basis.  Gradually, there will be increased focus on the game itself, on technical aspects of the game and strategy - depending on your interests and readiness for those discussions.  We will focus on getting you comfortable with playing as a lead (the person throwing the first rock for the team in each end) in daytime leagues.  If you pay a bit more for your registration you are designated as a ‘Rookie Plus’, and can play regularly in any day league.  After Christmas, many of the teams will be looking for spares because some members go south at that point, so we’ll try to have you ready for that at the very least.

The Day Ladies have an excellent program for ladies who are fairly new to the game - called “Leads and Seconds” - any lady who is ‘rated’ a lead or second can sign up.  New people start as leads and then may progress when they are ready to other positions. 


Strengths by Position: (Very general)

Leads : throw guards or draws, strong sweeper

Seconds: throw takeouts, guards, or draws, strong sweeper

Thirds: throw takeouts, draws,  raises, deflections, good sweeper, good judge of rocks

Skips: best at calling/ judging shots, strategy, throwing draws, raises, deflections, etc.


Leagues:  Day Ladies and Day Men have ‘draw’ leagues, and ‘fixed’ leagues.  In addition, there is a Day Fixed mixed program on Tuesday’s at 1:30, and a Day Mixed Draw league on Thursday’s at 1:30.  Typically, beginners will start in the Thursday Mixed Draw league (they don’t record results of games - so it is generally very relaxed), and/or the other draw leagues as a spare and then as a regular team member.  At the end of each ‘round’, you can sign up on the appropriate boards downstairs for these draws.  The mixed boards are upstairs - so watch for info there.  You can contact the convenors of any league you are interested in at any point.  


Included in your registration fee is a new gripper - the club would like to make sure you go on the ice with appropriate footwear.  A worn gripper leaves debris on the ice which can ruin a game.  


In the future, I will try to send you info via email - so you aren’t overwhelmed by the paper. Please make sure I have a valid email address for you.

Little Rocks

Bantam / Junior

Day Ladies - Pat Ward

Day Men - Fixed (Wednesday)

Day Men's Information

Wednesdays at 11:15 AM

Fixed rink curling - contact Doug Holden or [email protected] for further information.  


Day Men - Fixed (Friday)

Day Men's Information


Curling Fridays 11:15, with 3 draws per year.

Fixed rink curling - contact Bob Brien or the [email protected] for more details.

Day Men - Draw Tuesdays

Day Men's Information

Day Men - Draw Tuesdays

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:15 AM

Teams are formed three times a year to compete in the Cliff Reddick, Lew Little, and Bill Keay draws.  The Bill Keay draw is traditionally a double team event. 

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Day Men - Draw Thursdays

Day Men's Information

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:15 AM

Teams are formed three times a year to compete in the Cliff Reddick, Lew Little, and Bill Keay draws.  The Bill Keay draw is traditionally a double team event. 

Contact [email protected] for more information.

Day Fixed Mixed

Teams are comprised of two women and two men with women and men alternating positions. This league has room for 10 teams.
The Tuesday Afternoon Fixed Mixed Curling has a reputation for great curling and friendly team rivalries.  All of which is followed by post-game snacks and sparkling conversations.
The Fall round runs until January 7th. The sign-up sheet for the Winter round will be passed around post-game over the next couple of weeks.  If you'd like to add a team, please contact Fran or call (613) 806-5938
The schedule for the Winter round will probably be posted prior to the Christmas break and will have a section for those interested in sparing. 
Interested?  Have any questions?  Contact Fran or call (613) 806-5938.

Day Mixed Thursday PM Draw

Men and women wanting to curl in this league sign-up as individuals. Teams are then drawn so there is a mix of experienced, newer and rookie players. It is not a competitive league as wins and losses are not recorded. However, it is an excellent opportunity to improve skill levels or try out different positions. One team each week provides snacks for social time after the game. 

If interested contact Kathy L. Smith at [email protected]

Day Men - Monday Fixed

 Day Men's Events Information

Day Men - Monday Fixed plays each Monday at 11:15 AM

Day Ladies - Women's Wednesday Fixed

Day Ladies - Women's Wednesday Fixed - open to all members - Wednesdays from January until April


Job Description 

Day Ladies By-laws and Amendments

Day Ladies - Executive 2019- -2020 

Day Ladies Program Schedule/Calendar of Events

The Friday Fixed Challenge

Day Ladies - Women's Wednesday Fixed

Day Ladies News -  2019-20 News 2018-19 News - 2017-18 News - 2016-17 News

Day Ladies Results - 2019-20 Results  2018-19 Results 2017-18 Results  2016-2017 Results  2015-2016 Results 

Please select one of the event links below to see information specific to that event. Fall and Winter Events are scheduled throughout the year from October to April.   Drawn teams are comprised of four players “drawn from the hat” playing at club-rated positions on their respective teams. All Day Ladies members are encouraged to attend Final games.  Following the Final game, awards are presented and refreshments are hosted by the Rink Committee. Fixed teams are chosen by the skip. 

Draw Events:

  • The Fall Open- Drawn Rink & Hope Teams- October to mid-November - Monday and Wednesday 1:30 pm or Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 am
  • Leads and Seconds – an opportunity for the newer curlers to get more comfortable in playing the Lead and Second positions and also to learn more about playing the Third and Skip positions.  

    For the Fall, the league will be on Wednesdays starting at 9:00 a.m. sharp and will be held on the following dates:  October 9, 16, 23, 30; November 13; December 4, 11.

  • Millennium Challenge - Drawn Rink for all Day Ladies - November/December - Monday and Wednesday 1:30 pm or Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 am
  • Pat Ward Rose Bowl - Drawn rink for all Day Ladies -  January to Mid March - Mondays 1:30 or Thurs. 9:00
  • Scotch Doubles - Two to a team playing six ends - Senior (skips and thirds) and Junior (leads and seconds) division January/February - Tuesdays at 9 a.m.
  • Spring Flight - Drawn Rink for all Day Ladies -March/April Monday and Wednesday 1:30 pm or Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 am

 Weekly Curling Times for Granite Day Ladies Members (Curling is available every weekday)

  • Monday/Wednesday Afternoon Draw (1:30 PM) OR Tuesday/Thursday Morning Draw (9:00 AM)
  • Wednesday Morning Draw (9:00 AM)
  • Tuesday Afternoon Fixed Mixed (1:30 PM) 
  • Thursday Afternoon Mixed Draw (1:30 PM) 

































  • Friday Fixed Teams - 9:00 AM and 1:30 PM

Mixed Doubles

The Mixed Doubles league at the Granite is played at 5pm on Friday evenings.  Teams play roughly every alternating week in a round robin format with playoffs at the end of the season.
If you have any questions regarding Mixed Doubles or how the league opperates, please contact Brigette at [email protected]

Day Ladies - Friday Fixed

Day Ladies - Scotch Doubles

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