Instituted March 1, 2009
Revised May 9, 2015


This policy deals with inconsistencies in team registration among the different leagues at the Granite Curling Club. It will be implemented at the same time as pre-registration in the spring so that potential new members to the Granite will know early in the spring/summer if space is available for their team. It should also prevent the situation where a new team has been granted space in the league only to be told at fall registration that their space has been revoked in favour of a returning team. The policy deals with full team registration, partial team registration, league waiting lists, league space holding, and team splitting.

The Policy

  • All existing teams are assumed to be returning for the following year. The deadline for teams to confirm this assumption is April 30.
  • It is the team skip’s responsibility to fill the Team Registration Form and submit it by the deadline of April 30 to the Director of Membership (see Implementation section below).
  • It is the Division Representative’s responsibility to contact the skip of any existing teams that haven’t pre-registered by the end of the current curling season. This is to verify if the team is returning and to get the Team Registration Form filled out by the deadline.
  • If a waiting list for a given league has been created by the Division Representative before the end of the season, it must be submitted to the Director of Membership prior to the team registration deadline of April 30. This is to have a centralized list of teams waiting for entry into the league.
  • Any new team can submit the Team Registration Form at any time before the start of the new curling season (October 1). These teams will be put directly onto the waiting list in the order that their registration is received by the Director of Membership. The new teams that have submitted registration in the spring will be contacted in May or June to let them know if there is space for them at the Granite.
  • IMPORTANT: it should be made clear to them that if the skips do not respond and reserve their team space (by April 30) it will AUTOMATICALLY go to the first team on the waiting list and they will go to the bottom of the waiting list once their Team Registration Form is received.
    • If a league has a pre-defined plan for a competition / play-downs to populate the league, the teams failing to notify the league of their return MUST then use the competition process to try to re-enter the league (at the bottom level), as their space will have already been opened up for competition with the teams on the waiting list.
  • Empty spaces in the leagues will be filled on a first come, first served principle. It is general policy that teams enter a league through the lowest division. This should correspond to the order of the waiting list. Some special consideration should be given by the Division Representative when the skill level of the team members is well above the others in the lowest division. A new team will not be allowed to enter the highest division under any circumstance.

The Implementation

  • The Director of Membership will circulate the new policy and forms to all Division Representatives in timely fashion for registration to be completed on time.
  • Spring Registration Night will be held with the specific purpose of getting team registrations in, though teams are able to submit their forms before this event if they wish. This will be before the April 30 deadline so that Division Representatives have time to contact the existing skips to determine if they plan to come back the following season.
  • Team Registration Forms should be submitted to the Director of Membership through the office at the Granite (if not done at the registration night) to facilitate transfer to Division Representatives.
  • The Division Representatives and Director of Membership should stay well connected during this process to ensure that teams do not slip through the cracks.
  • Official lists will be maintained by the Director of Membership.
  • A team will be considered an acceptable returning team, or new split team, if 2 or more team members were members of the same league that the team is registering for, even if they were on other team. This is meant to allow for movement of players between teams from one season to the next without penalty.

The specifics of pre-registering a team:

  • A team should not be pressured with the idea that if they do not have a full team they could lose their spot in the league. This is not required and should not be used as a scare tactic.
  • A team with 3 players can register with the idea that they will be looking for a fourth player.
  • A team with 2 players can also register but it should be discussed with the Division Representative and Director of Membership and the skip should have some idea of who the other members of the team will be.
  • It is not possible for a team to hold a spot in the league with only one member unless there are extenuating circumstances decided upon by the Director of Membership and the Division Representative. The decision must be documented in writing so as to avoid confusion.
  • If a registered team (with less than 4 players) is not able to find the extra players by fall registration night, the Granite expects they will follow one of the three options:
    • They can withdraw from the league
    • They can ask for members who have registered individually to be placed on their team
    • They can arrange to keep looking for players with the proviso that if, at the start of the curling season they do not have 4 players, individually registered members may be placed on their team by the Division Representative.

Team Splitting:

  • This is where an existing team has split up and will fill two teams with different members. Frequently they both will stay in the same league. In some cases, one part of the split has no desire to continue play in the league.
  • In conjunction with the new Team Registration Policy, the skip or team owner will retain the existing space in the league. The split-off portion of the team will be added to the waiting list. By submitting their team registration by the April 30 deadline, they will be added to the waiting list in such an order as to not lose their space to a new team, but to also not overtake another split-off team that had registered sooner. If the skip or team owner is the one that does not want to return to the league, the split-off portion should be given the assured spot in the league.
  • The split-off portion will be considered new and will have to work its way back up to the top of the league.

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